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Final Exam Questions

Final Exam Questions - Sample Questions for Comm 296 Final...

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Sample Questions for Comm 296 Final Exam December 2010 The following questions are only samples . This does not mean that these questions or topics will be on the exam, or that they are the only topics on the exam; however, this should give you an idea of what kind of questions to expect. Just memorizing the material is not enough you need to be able to apply the concepts to various marketing situations. Always be specific in your answers , and use the correct terminology. Product 1) Draw a line representing the goods-services continuum. Then place each of the following along the continuum: a) Microsoft Word; b) Starbucks grande, no- foam cappuccino; c) L’Oréal shampoo; d) eye brow waxing. Explain each decision, identifying which product’s features belong in the goods category and which features belong in the services category. (8 marks) Hints: No absolute right and wrong answers here but you must demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the differences between goods and services. Draw from the list of service characteristics in your text and discussed in class. 2) With smoking bans in effect in many places, Zippo Manufacturing, maker of the well-known Zippo lighters, is looking for ways to license its brand name to makers of products like grills, torches, space heaters, and fireplaces. a) Do you think this is a good strategy for Zippo? Why or why not? (2 marks) b) Suggest another product strategy that Zippo could follow to grow its revenues, and explain your reasoning. (3 marks) Hints: Depending on your approach to answering this question, your response could touch on a number of important product topics: product lines, brand equity, brand licensing, brand extensions, brand types (e.g. manufacturer’s brand, family brand), consumer adoption process… Note: don’t just “name drop” the terms, though – explain them as you use them. Part B should touch on the product growth strategies from Chapter 2 (market penetration, product development, market development, or diversification).
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COMM 296: Sample Questions for Final Exam 2 December 2010 Distribution 1) Select a product from the following list: i) Tilley hat; ii) meal at McDonald’s; iii) Sony high -definition TV; or iv) bottle of domestic beer (e.g. Granville Island Lager). a) Draw its channel structure. (1 mark) b) Describe the distribution intensity of your chosen product. (1 mark) c) Identify which factors would influence the nature of its distribution channel, and explain why. (4 marks) c) What types of channel conflicts could arise in your chosen product’s distribution channel? What could be done to ease or prevent such conflicts? (4 marks) Hints: Part A calls for a simple flow chart from producer to consumer, showing all intermediaries between.
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