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Accounting Assignment 2 - 294 Assignment #2 Question #1 [26...

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1 294 Assignment #2 Question #1 [26 marks] Horses ‘R Us (“HRUS”) Co. is a horse grooming and training company. They also supply horses to movie productions to star in various movies. They have experienced horse handlers, horse groomers and provide horses and all other services needed to care for and transport the horses. Over the weekend of January 6 th and 7 th , HRUS had 2 different jobs. The first job was to provide their services to a horse SHOW in Coquitlam. The second job was to provide their services plus some of their very highly trained horses to a MOVIE company in Vancouver. Both the SHOW and the MOVIE were “open” from 10 am to 6 pm. The following is a list of the total costs for the weekend: Handlers $9,600 Groomers 5,500 Horse Food 948 Veterinarian 2,800 Transportation 8,950 Supervision 1,960 Total $29,758 Additional information follows: The SHOW took place on January 7 th (Sunday). The MOVIE took place on January 6 th and 7 th (Saturday and Sunday). HRUS provided the SHOW with handlers and groomers for 25 horses owned by the clients. The clients delivered their horses to HRUS’ stables on the morning of January 7 th . HRUS supplied 8 horses to the MOVIE and serviced those horses. Every horse has a handler. Inexperienced handlers were used for the SHOW. Inexperienced handlers are paid $20/hour. Experienced handlers were sent to the MOVIE with the horses. They are paid $35/hour. Due to the stunts the horses have to perform for the MOVIE, the handlers have to spend two extra hours calming the horses down at the end of the day. The SHOW is 25 miles away from HRUS’ stables and offices. The MOVIE is 10 miles away from HRUS’ stables. HRUS’ groomers were used for both events. They are usually paid $500 per day for grooming services, and each groomer can care for 6 horses per day. However, the horses in the MOVIE required more time to groom, so each groomer took twice as long on the MOVIE horses. HRUS will supply “horse treats” only, for the client’s horses used in the SHOW. Each horse usually eats one bag of treats a day. HRUS’ horses used in the MOVIE are fed bales of hay and treats. Each horse gets 4 bales of hay (per day) and will eat 20% less treats (per day) than the horses at the SHOW. Each bag of treats that is opened during the day is thrown out if it is not eaten (by any horse). Bales of hay cost $7.50 per bale. Treats are $12 per bag. When there is an event, government regulations require a separate veterinarian to be on call
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Accounting Assignment 2 - 294 Assignment #2 Question #1 [26...

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