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Course outline - COMMERCE 290 COURSE OUTLINE September 2010...

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Page 1 of 8 COMMERCE 290 - COURSE OUTLINE September 2010 In addition to the information found below, be sure to read the one page Commerce 290 Information Sheet handed out in class. Also, you may access all information from the course web site: www.vista.ubc.ca and login with your CWL ( Campus Wide Login) 1 . COURSE OBJECTIVES AND DESCRIPTION Commerce 290 provides an introduction to modeling, analysing and solving business decision problems under certainty and uncertainty. By developing good modeling skills, students will be able to solve and begin to develop managerial insight, in a variety of common and not so common problems that arise in today’s business settings. The course also develops concepts of uncertainty, probability and simulation which are the foundation of many business problems. Microsoft Excel will be used to model and solve many of these problems. 2. REQUIRED COURSE MATERIAL Required Text: Custom Course Publication ( Commerce 290: Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making - Upgrading to Office 2007 ), consists of selected chapters from two textbooks, SMA (Spreadsheet Modeling and Applications, Albright and Winston, Thompson Learning Inc, 2005); and QMB (Quantitative Methods for Business 9 ed, Anderson, Sweeney and th Williams, Thompson, 2004) and a useful (non-required) reference to Office 2007. Available from the UBC Bookstore - $78.85 (new); $59.15 (used). Web Site www.vista.ubc.ca and login with your CWL ( Campus Wide Login) 3. THE COMMERCE 290 TEAM: Course Instructor:* Brian Graham - responsible for teaching all lectures Course Administrator:* Clarise Maré - responsible for most administrative questions Grader Manager:* Greg Werker - responsible for any re-grading requests Course Tutor:* Greg Werker - responsible for teaching the optional Friday Tutorials Excel TA’s: Various people - responsible for teaching the required Excel Labs Course Markers: Various people - responsible for grading most of the homework and exams * Please refer to the Course Information Sheet handed out during the first class which gives contact information. 4. SECTION CHANGES AND NEW REGISTRATIONS None of the Commerce 290 Team have the authority to authorize changes. Students must use the Web registration system for any section change, new registration, and drops. This applies both to the lecture and the labs.
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Page 2 of 8 5. EVALUATION and GRADING (See also Section 9 below) Your total COMM 290 course mark will be determined as follows: 5% Homework Assignments (Homework Assignments have different weights) 3.5% Excel Quiz 31.5% Midterm Exam 60% Final Exam Notes: 1. The evaluation weights listed above are non-negotiable. 2. The Midterm and Final exams will be common for all sections of the course . Both exams will be closed book, closed notes. Only non-graphing calculators will be allowed. Students are responsible for all the assigned readings from the textbook.
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