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comm294.midterm2008.solution-004 - Finished Goods...

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Unformatted text preview: Finished Goods Addlisubtract) Nona-'1 : The flit-35 bemg $§13i0ilfl ('giwan in mestbn}: hmever, Weneed in delerrnine fine undér ur-EjfieEf-frappiiéd nanufiilCfiJI‘hg memead'fl'lat'wll be" dtarge'fil tit) EGGS . See-helm: in part Eb). The. trans will be $91 mm minis. me under-applied [-23 H $1 am} = magma. (b) C_almlatE'li1_e {Iver—u under—angling nunufacmrh'rgmeerh Bad Ens-Elianfl h'dicate whjgmer it'Es fivéra'pplie‘d ni' undera'ppliec'fl; tanhhntm whémer Midieilsnn-‘E. 'nfiflfiod fifths-Eng aver—er uncigr—appiied warhead to Cast amends- Said. is-‘acgeptahle? (4 m arks] ...
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