actual prelim 2 answers

actual prelim 2 answers - Page 1 of 6 NAME LASI M i d d l e...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 6 NAME LASI M i d d l e S I G N A T U R E >>cHEMISTRY 357 << >> PRELIM #2 << Tuesday, October 17th, 2006 7:30 - 9:00 PM Please do not open this exam until you are told to do so. There are 6 pages to this examination, including the cover. Check to make sure you have them all. You can use the back sides of each exam page for scratch paper, but your answers must appear in the designated spaces on the exam sheets. Draw all slructures and write all answers clearly and unambiguously. lt is not the grader's responsibility to interpret what you meant. Consequently, notes of explanation will not be considered. READ ALL QUESTIONS CAREFULLY -- You won't get points for answering the wrono oueslionl First 2. 3. A 5. 1 2 0 t 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 1 2 0 Please sign your name below: /65l"rtrl'ua A*'w e re) TOTAL Page 2 of 6 1 . ( 2 0 p o i n t s ) (a) ln the box below. draw the lowest energy conformat on of the substjtuted cyclohexane sho"r,'n below. You do not need to show all the hydrogens, but be sure to show c l e a r l y a l l r e l e v a n t a x i a l a n d e q u a t o r i a l b o n d s f o r t h e s u b s t i t u e n t s . . L J \J | | j cH2ct ( b ) F o r t l r e c o m p o u n d ste reoisorn e rs that. 2,3-dibromopentane, indicate in the in fact, exist. box at right the total number of a n s w e r : ( c ) U s i n g t h e l e t t e r s R o r S , c o m p l e t e t h e e x p r e s s i o n i n t h e b o x b e l o w b y f i l l i n g i n t h e e m p t y sp.rces after each number to correctly describe the stereochemical configurations of carbons '+1 and #3 in the structure below. ,/- LJ \ J | | 3 cH2cl J H O ' answer: ( 1 5 , 3 5 ) ( d )There are two tasks here: (1) identify any brrdgehead atoms in the structure relow, and (2) write the correct name of the compound in the box to its right....
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course CHEM 3570 taught by Professor Ganem, b during the Fall '06 term at Cornell.

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actual prelim 2 answers - Page 1 of 6 NAME LASI M i d d l e...

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