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COMM 295 Assignment 2 SOLUTIONS

COMM 295 Assignment 2 SOLUTIONS -...

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Commerce 295: Sections 101 103 FRE 295: Sections 001 and 002 Fall 2010 Assignment 2 SOLUTIONS Assigned: Nov. 8/ 9 Due: Nov. 22/23 (See comment 2 below.) Instructions : 1. Commerce 295 is a large, closely coordinated, multi section course. It is necessary to be strict about rules regarding the assignment. Otherwise, marking, recording grades, and handling the assignments will be very difficult. These rules will help make the marking as fair and as timely as possible. 2. The assignment is due at the beginning of class 14 days after the assignment is given out. For classes meeting Monday/Wednesday/Friday the assignment will be given out November 8th and is due November 22nd. For classes meeting Tuesday/Thursday the assignment will be given out November 9th and is due November 23 rd . You must turn in your assignment at the time and place corresponding to the section in which you are registered. Assignments up to 24 hours late will receive a 25% penalty. Assignments more than 24 hours late will not be accepted. 3. Extensions are possible only for genuine emergencies. Permission for the extension must be sought from your instructor in advance (i.e. at least 24 hours before the assignment is due) and must be accompanied by appropriate documentation. 4. Please be concise with your answers, and clearly identify the answer to the specific question you are being asked. Please carry 2 non zero digits to the right of the decimal for answers that do not work out to nice whole numbers. 5. *** Please use the next page as your title page. Assignments must be properly stapled.*** 6. Written text should be done using a word processor. Algebra can be done with a word processor or can be NEATLY printed using a pen. Diagrams can be neatly drawn using a pen. (Computer generated diagrams may be too time consuming but you are welcome to use computer generated diagrams if you wish.) Type up the words using a word processor leaving blanks for any diagrams and complicated algebra to be done by hand. 7. If you do not follow these instructions you will not get full credit for your work. 8. Students often like to work together in doing assignments. However, this is NOT a group assignment. It is primarily an individual effort. The basic rule about joint work is that it is acceptable to discuss questions with classmates but you must do the actual write up of the assignment on your own. You must not copy someone else's answer. Copied or plagiarized answers will be subject to appropriate penalties. 9. The assignment is long and challenging. Do not leave this to the last minute or even to the last few days. Good luck!
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DATE: ______________ UBC Sauder School of Business Commerce 295 / FRE 295 Fall 2010 Assignment 2 LAST NAME (Please Print Neatly!): __________________________ FIRST NAME: _____________ STUDENT NUMBER: _______________________________________ SECTION NUMBER: _______________________________________ PROFESSOR: _______________________________________ MARKS:
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COMM 295 Assignment 2 SOLUTIONS -...

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