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Course Project Description

Course Project Description - 1 DESCRIPTION .Youwillworkin...

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Comm 391 Course Project Instructions – Fall 2010 1. DESCRIPTION The course project provides an opportunity to apply the materials you learn in class. You will work in groups of 5 members, and should have already signed up for group membership in Blackboard Vista. Groups will be assigned a company a few days after you submit your group preference ranking sheet (posted in Blackboard Vista and due on September 17). You will then determine the business strategy for the company, research and summarize an emerging IT topic (e.g., a technology, or an IT management issue) that supports this strategy, and analyze the impact of the technology on your business. Some suggestions for IT topics can be found later in this document (see 4. below). To maximize the class learning experience within a Comm 391 section, the same company may not be used by more than four groups, and IT topic chosen for the same company should be different for each group. Although it is not essential, you are welcome to learn more about a specific industry using the information at http://toby.library.ubc.ca/ereserve/er coursepage.cfm?id=2490. Your project group are required to do two presentations and submit two reports on your project. The presentations and reports should be appropriate for a managerial audience rather than for technology experts, and should focus on the managerial implications of the technology. In general, the work you are required to do for the project will follow the eight phases of materials you are going to learn in lectures. Be sure to use concepts/frameworks/terminology learned in class whenever possible! 2. DELIVERABLES (1) Ranking of company preference (Due: September 17) The choices of companies were posted in Blackboard Vista. You will need to complete a ranking form indicating your preference of companies. You will be notified the company assigned to you after September 20. (2) Interim Presentation (October 18 – 20) The objective of the interim presentation is to gain feedback on the work you have done so that you can write a better interim report.
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