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exam 3 notes

exam 3 notes - Part 3 Physiology 206 Notes Renal System...

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Part 3 Physiology 206 Notes Renal System Renal System 1.) Kidney 2.) Urine bladder * Not going to go into this Kidneys - Major function- to regulate: 1.) Total fluid volume 2.) H+ concentration in extracellular fluid 3.) Regulate salt balance 4.) Elimination of wastes - Have 2 kidneys with outer capsule - Beneath capsule is cortex - Beneath that is medulla - Blood came in through renal artery - Blood leaves through renal vein - Some fluid leave blood, in kidneys - This fluid then leaves through ureter - The cortex is red and meaty- highly vascularized - The medulla is dull grey- poorly vacularize - Afferent arteriole breaks into capillary bed, in cup, then glomerulus capillaries - They empty into efferent arteriole, it breaks up into another bed of capillaries, Peritublar Capillaries - blood supply for most of nephron, drain into a venule, which carries blood off. Portal System - you have arteriole drain into capillaries bed to another arteriole to another capillary bed to venule. - Collecting duct gathers from many nephrons. - Collecting ducts eventually flows to ureters.
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1.) 80% are Cortical Nephrons - it is entirely located in the renal cortex. 2.) 20% are Juxtamedullary Nephrons - Bowan’s & convoluted tubule in cortex, but the Loop of Henle is in the medulla; Loop of Henle is very long. -- Only about 15% of blood flow gets into the Renal Medulla. -- The medulla is bigger; so blood flows 20x faster in cortex. Three Major happenings in Kidneys 1.) Glomerular Filtration - just as in other capillaries, does not let out proteins the pressure in glomerulus is higher than most capillaries, due to a resistance vessel. because pressure is higher, more fluid out. -- 20% of plasma volume filtered out- known as glomerular filtrate . plasma without the protein Average everyday, filters out 180 Liters or 50 gallon a day Urinate about a liter a day- reabsorb 179 Liters out of every 180 liters produced. Kidneys will reabsorb about 99% of solute, as well. During the movement through the Nephron: 1.)will reabsorb some stuff-out of lumen into ECF-99.5%; different solutes will be reabsorbed at different rates. 2.) Reabsorption, secretion, and Glomerular Filtration are 3 processes that account for most of the functions of kidneys. Glomerular Filtration Because of 2 nd Arteriole: - Pressure in capillary is higher than in most systemic capillaries, so rather little fluid get reabsorbed. - 20% of plasma volume gets pushed into Bowman’s Capsule - Then after moves through second arteriole, into another capillary bed, has lower pressure, due to lower volume, so when it gets into peritubular capillaries, it has lower volume, so it makes it closer to systemic capillaries. -
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exam 3 notes - Part 3 Physiology 206 Notes Renal System...

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