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1_MAE 334Woodward - lab2

1_MAE 334Woodward - lab2 - MAE 334 Lab 2 Department of...

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MAE 334 Lab 2 Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MAE 334 - Introduction to Instrumentation and Computers Laboratory 2 Static and Dynamic Calibration of Thermocouples Objectives (a) To become familiar with thermocouples as a very common transducer for measuring temperature. (b) To carry out a formal static calibration of a thermocouple as a typical transducer, to explore the linearity of the calibration curve and to evaluate the accuracy of measurements that can be made using the calibration. (c) To perform a dynamic calibration of a thermocouple considering a first order dynamic model of its transient behavior and to explore the factors which influence the thermocouple’s dynamic response. Background Thermocouples are probably the most widely used industrial and laboratory temperature sensor because they are simple, relatively inexpensive, and reasonably linear. The thermocouple outputs a small electromotive force (emf or voltage) which is proportional to the temperature difference at the two ends of the sensor. This small voltage can be
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