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MAE 334 Lab 3 Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MAE 334 - Introduction to Instrumentation and Computers Laboratory 3 Transient Thermal Behavior with Work and Heat Loss Objectives In the first experiment we studied the data acquisition process and software (the LabView tools). We followed this by considering the formal procedure for calibrating a transducer and applied this to a thermocouple. In this experiment you will use these tools and concepts to study the behavior of a real thermal process – even if it is a simple one. The objectives are (1) to study the thermal response of an aluminum “calorimeter” by measuring its temperature transients under work and heat loss conditions, and (2) to explore the modeling of the process’s transient thermal behavior as a first order dynamic process. Background The temperature transducer that will be used in this experiment is a “thermistor”. It is a semiconductor device with an electrical resistance dependent on temperature. We will
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