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MAE 334 – LAB 5 1 Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MAE 334 – Introduction to Computers and Instrumentation Laboratory 5 - Linear Systems, Fourier Transforms and the Transfer Function Objective: To measure and calculate the transfer function of the simple single pole passive RC filter using several different methods. Basic Fourier analysis techniques will be introduced. Background: Most passive circuits and many mechanical systems encountered in the laboratory can be treated as linear systems. In general, the output of a linear system can be written as some weighted history of the input. If h 1 ( ) is used to denote the system’s “memory” function we can write: 1 () ( ) ( ) t yt h t F d −∞ = −∆ ∆ ∆ (1) where F( ) is the input signal and y(t) is the output. This is known as a convolution integral in time. Usually the “memory” of the system fades with time which means that
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