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MAE 334 Lab 4 The Lab Setup As you start the experiment, be sure to check the wiring of the test apparatus. There are 2 outputs from the test rig, the P ressure transducer labeled P and the L inear motion transducer labeled L . The pressure transducer should be connected to ANALOG IN, CH 0. The linear motion transducer should be connected to ANALOG IN, CH 1. There is 1 input to the pressure transducer testing rig which controls the fast acting solenoid V alve, labeled V . This is connected to the DIGITAL TRIG output. Before taking experimental data, carry out a formal calibration of the pressure transducer. Cover the pressure range of 0 – 15 psi gage anticipated in the experiment and gather as much data as you feel necessary to obtain the best accuracy from your pressure measurement system. The “Further Background” section of this write-up describes the transducer’s operation. It should be calibrated against the dial pressure gage provided in the lab setup (assuming the pressure gage is accurate). Adjust the pressure by pumping
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