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MAE 334 Lab 4 pressure vs. volume curve. Model the compression process as a polytropic process ( = constant) where n = 1 corresponds to an isothermal compression while n = k (ratio of specific heats) corresponds to adiabatic compression. On the graph of pressure vs. volume for your data, also show the calculated pressure curves based on (1) a constant temperature model and (2) an adiabatic model. n PV Monitoring the Discharge Transient The next portion of this experiment is to dynamically monitor a discharge transient of compressed air. We are interested in the pressure transient only and at this point it is not necessary to record the potentiometer motions. The discharge is easily created and monitored using the Virtual Instrument “mae334-Lab4-PCI.vi” described in the section of this write-up titled “The .VI”. The first step in the transient test is to use the piston to create a desired pressure level in the system. The manual valve is then used to isolate the discharge volume from the piston and the discharge is created by activation of the
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