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MAE 334 Lab 2 Note the thermocouple probe and ADC cable connections. The thermocouple probe should be connected to ADC input channel 0 and a ground connection should be in place between the ADC output channel 0 ground and the ADC input channel 0 ground. Under the Virtual Bench-DMM, Edit, Settings, General Tab, set the Channel to 0 and the Sample Rate to Slow. See Figure 2 (the name of your data acquisition Device may not be the same as that shown in Figure 2). Under the Edit, Settings, Temperature Tab (Figure 3), set the Temperature Sensor to "T Thermocouple" (for copper-constantan), the Temperature Units to "Celsius",
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Unformatted text preview: the TC Cold Junction Source to "Constant" and the Cold Junction Temperature (Degrees) to the lab room temperature as you measure it (20-25 C). Use the temperature reading from the thermometer placed on top of the ADC input box. • In the main DMM window set the Range to Auto, Mode to Volts DC and when ready click the Run Continuously button as shown in Figure 4. You may also switch to a temperature reading mode by clicking on the thermometer icon (see Figure 5). Figure 2. The DMM General Settings Window. Note: your computer may contain a different Device than the one shown here. 16 Page 3 of 16...
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