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MAE 334 Lab 4 1. Your Excel calibration graphs for the pressure transducer and the potentiometer showing the calibration trend lines and all data. In the case of the formal calibration of the pressure transducer add lines to your calibration plot showing the upper and lower bounds corresponding to a 90% confidence level. Explain why you believe that you have taken sufficient data for the pressure transducer calibration. 2. The Excel time response plots for your compression and expansion cycle showing pressure and volume varying with time. 3. The Excel plot for your compression stroke showing pressure as a function of volume and including your PV curves for adiabatic and isothermal compression. Discuss the quality of these results. Are they as expected? Explain. 4. Your Excel curves of pressure vs. time for the three pressure transients. And also your normalized pressure transient curves (on one graph) comparing the three discharges. For linear, constant coefficient differential equations, these
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