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6_MAE 334Woodward - lab 4

6_MAE 334Woodward - lab 4 - save Digital Trigger –...

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MAE 334 Lab 4 Figure 2. The Dialog Window for “mae334-Lab4-PCI.vi” Voltage (Y-axis) Limits – intended to change the voltage range of the data acquisition board and automatically adjust the channel gain to accommodate the new range. Analog Channel – changes the analog channels being sampled (0 corresponds to the first channel on the connector box). Scan Rate – changes the sampling rate of the DAQ board. This is also dependent upon the number of channels acquiring data. Number of scans to acquire – the number of samples being taken to plot and/or
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Unformatted text preview: save. Digital Trigger – “Trigger On” initiates a 5V digital output pulse which is used to energize (open) the solenoid valve as the data run begins. The valve closes as the data run ends. Save Data – data is collected for recording when this button is depressed. After the data run, it is ready to be saved to a file as specified by the user. Stop Cont. Acquisition – if the program is run in continuous acquisition mode, this button will terminate the data acquisition. 6 of 8...
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