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MAE 334 Lab 4 Further Background The Pressure Transducer Diaphragm pressure transducers are frequently used in the measurement of pressure. The diaphragm is “loaded” by the pressure that it is measuring so that it deforms under the load and is stressed. Strain gages attached to the diaphragm allow the measurement of the stress associated with the pressure loading and the processed strain gage output can be calibrated against the pressure to be measured. Section 9.4 of Figliola and Beasley (3 rd Ed.) describes this type of transducer. The pressure transducer used in our laboratory apparatus is an Entran piezoresistive transducer model number EPN-0300-15 (currently identified as EPN-D3-1-15-P). You will want to read about its details at www.entran.com/epn.htm (watch for possible redirection to the web page of the “Measurement Systems Group”). The strain gage resistance changes of the transducer are measured by applying a voltage across a Wheatstone bridge of which the strain gage elements form one or more arms. Pressure loading changes the resistance of the piezoresistive elements. The changes
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