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MAE 334 Lab 3 approach. Check your time constant estimate by plotting Excel simulation results for the differential equation on top of the cool down data. Equation (11) of the “Further Background” section can then be used to calculate H. An Overall Simulation At this point, you have an estimate for the calorimeter time constant and the overall convection factor H. The mechanical power input for a 125 rpm input to the calorimeter can also be determined. With this information and knowing that dT/dt = 0 at steady state, use Equation (6) to determine the final temperature of the calorimeter with the 125 rpm input. With these results and the standard first order solution f T τ t lab f f e T T T T = ) ( Use Excel to simulate and plot the expected transient behavior of the calorimeter starting at the lab temperature if it were subject to the 125 rpm mechanical input until a steady temperature was reached. Report
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