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MAE 334 Lab 2 Figure 8. The Virtual Bench-Logger program Set the Stop Timing to Stop After Elapsed Time (sampling time) to 30 seconds. Finally set the Display Length to 30 seconds. Press OK. A Time Interval of 0.10 seconds results in a sampling frequency of 10 samples per second. A 30 second data record will produce a 300 point data file (30/0.10 = 300). The final item to setup is the file configuration. This includes enabling the program to log the data to a file and specifies the file name. To accomplish this click the File Config … button in the Logger Settings
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Unformatted text preview: Window. • Use the Browse button to locate an appropriate location (perhaps MyDocuments) and change the file name (make sure to keep the .log extension) to something meaningful. • Check the Enable Logging check box. Do not check the Begin Logging on Start box. Note: After each data set is saved, the file name will need to be changed before logging starts again to avoid writing over previously saved data and to update the Comments field in your data file header. • Change the Field Length to 12 and the Precision to 9. 16 Page 8 of 16...
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