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9_MAE 334Woodward - lab2 - data file you specified 2...

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MAE 334 Lab 2 Figure 9. Logger Setting Window (your Device name may be different). Click OK to exit the File Configuration window. Click OK to exit the Settings Window. To run the logger without saving data click the START button with the Logging Off check box enabled. To log data (save to file) enable logging by checking the Logging ON check box as shown in Figure 8. then click the START button. The next 30 seconds of data (300 points at 0.10 second intervals) will be logged to the
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Unformatted text preview: data file you specified. 2. Immerse the thermocouple probe in ice water for approximately 30 sec (required to reach an equilibrium state). 3. Update the comments and file name in the Edit, Settings…, File Config… window to reflect the contents of this step input data log. (be sure logging is enabled) 4. Click the Logging On button (just to the left of the Clear and Start buttons) 16 Page 9 of 16...
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