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9_MAE 334Woodward - lab3

9_MAE 334Woodward - lab3 - similar way if we focus on the...

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MAE 334 Lab 3 The transient thermal calculations The overall thermal balance equation described earlier includes the power due to mechanical work and the heat loss by convection: ) ( lab cal T T H P dt dT cm = (6) This equation can be simplified for a few special cases. For example, if the heat transfer during the mechanical heating phase is neglected, the resulting simplified equation is P dt dT cm cal = (7) And this allows temperature rise to be directly related to the mechanical power input. In a
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Unformatted text preview: similar way, if we focus on the cool down period where no mechanical work is performed, the heat balance simplifies to ) ( lab cal T T H dt dT cm − − = (8) Which can be further arranged to provide a simple first order differential equation: lab cal HT HT dt dT cm = + (9) or lab T T dt dT = + τ (10) where the time constant H cm cal = (11) Note that the specific heat of aluminum is c = 0.900 Joules / gram C and the mass of the calorimeter is 205 grams. 9 of 9...
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