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12_MAE 334Woodward - lab2

12_MAE 334Woodward - lab2 - MAE 334 Lab 2 Part 3 Simple...

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MAE 334 Lab 2 Part 3 – Simple Thermocouple vs. the Thermocouple Probe The second channel on your ADC connection box includes a simple copper-constantan thermocouple. Set-up the data logger to allow you to plot both channels simultaneously (usually Start Channel = 0-Ch0 and Stop Channel = 1-Ch1. Also adjust the “Transducer” on both channels in the Logger Settings to be type T thermocouples with an appropriate constant reference temperature. Adjust the range in the Logger Settings to cover the cold to hot cup temperatures in Celsius. Using the time range of thirty seconds with a 0.1 second sampling interval will be adequate. Start with both the thermocouple probe and the simple thermocouple in the cold cup. Move them quickly from cold to hot and record the transient on the data logger. Place a print screen of the combined transient in your report. Based on the “two thirds rule” illustrated in Figure 14, estimate the time constants of each.
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