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Trends in Business - Communication inBusiness1...

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                                                                                                                                Communication  in Business        1 University of Phoenix Communication in Business Lukasz Szraga
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                                                                                                                                Communication  in Business        2 Communication in Business Communication is an important part of existence. It allows people to convey their  feeling and needs. Communication in the business helps it to run like a well oiled  machine. Business communication trends lead the communication levels that are used  within the business industry around the world. Without communication any kind of  business would not have been possible. Communication in business can come in the form of manuals, policies, phone  2008, chap. 1). Lack of communication in a business can lead to its downfall, costing it  valuable money, time and success. In this paper I will share the role that business  communication plays in my day to day activities at work and how it helps me to manage 
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Trends in Business - Communication inBusiness1...

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