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Midterm Lit 220 - NAME Midterm Exam English 220/13 Spring...

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NAME: Midterm Exam: English 220/13 Spring 2000 Write your answers directly on the exam. Please be sure to allow time for proof reading at the end of the allotted time; content and clarity are important. You have 75 minutes. MULTIPLE CHOICE (5 Points Each): Answer seven ( 7 ) of the following questions; choose the best possible answer. 1. Who is the narrator in The Metamorphosis ? a. Gregor Samsa c. Third person narrator c. narrator shifts in each section of the novella 2. Why is family an important theme in Frankenstein ? a. Because Victor is an orphan, he is driven to be a father. b. The author is a woman, and is chiefly concerned with husbands and children. c. As a means of expressing justice versus injustice 3. What is the narrator’s tone in Lawns ? a. witty and urbane b. flat, emotionless c. playful, cheerful 4. Which of the following is NOT an example of ennui ? a. “sick with that terrible tedium vitae (boredom of life), that comes on those to whom life denies nothing” b. “You used to stir my imagination. Now you don’t even stir my curiosity. You simply produce no effect” c. “I have known everything” 5. What is the most repeated reference to time in the opening chapter of The Metamorphosis ? a. the sun blazing through Gregor’s open window b. a constantly ringing alarm clock c. mention of train schedules 6. In Revelation , what does the name “Mrs. Turpin” suggest about the character? a. Turpentine (spot remover) b. baseness, depravity, wickedness c. all of the above
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Midterm Exam 7. What do the conclusions of Carnal Knowledge and An Ounce of Cure have in common? a.
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Midterm Lit 220 - NAME Midterm Exam English 220/13 Spring...

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