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Unformatted text preview: UNIT I REVIEW The chapters listed below comprise the material to be covered on the Unit I Exam. The terms provided below are in addition to the key terms provided in boldface in each chapter in the course text. Introductory Notes Obstacles to communication Pre-industrial forms of communication technology Industrial forms of communication technology Chapter 1: Desire for control Technological transparency Spontaneity of the content Naturalistic interactivity Convergence Presentation of content without critique Intentional discontinuities Major inventions: Telephone Phonograph Television Computer Chapter 2: Cultural precedents to mass communication Technological precedents to mass communication The development of wireless communication The vacuum tube Triode/Audion The development of radio The creation of RCA 1912 and 1927 Radio Acts 1934 Communication Act The development of television Chapter 3: Community Antenna Television Re-delivery Service/Must Carry Rule Domestic Satellites/TVRO PPV/VOD VoIP MVPD Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) Satellite Radio Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS) The development of the transistor/IC chip Consumer media The development of digital television (DTV) Chapter 4: Electromagnetic radiation Wave frequency Wavelength Carrier wave Amplitude modulation Frequency modulation Bandwidth Direct waves Ground waves Sky waves Interference Travelers Information Service Dynamic Range Channel Separation Transduction Pulse Code Modulation Sampling rate Bit speed Compression Charge-Coupled Device Resolution MPEG-2 Dolby Digital/AC-3 Chapter 5: Transmission line/characteristics Single-conductor, Twisted pair, Coaxial Fiber Optic cable Headend Tree and Branch Architecture Trunk, Feeder, and Drop cables Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network Wireless distribution: Microwaves/repeaters Satellites/transponders ARPANet The development of the Internet Internet Service Providers TCP/IP IP Address/URL Domain Name Service ...
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