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Test 1 RVW - UNIT I REVIEW The chapters listed below...

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UNIT I REVIEW The chapters listed below comprise the material to be covered on the Unit I Exam. The terms provided below are in addition to the key terms provided in boldface in each chapter in the course text. Introductory Notes Obstacles to communication Pre-industrial forms of communication technology Industrial forms of communication technology Chapter 1: Desire for control Technological transparency Spontaneity of the content Naturalistic interactivity Convergence Presentation of content without critique Intentional discontinuities Major inventions: Telephone Phonograph Television Computer Chapter 2: Cultural precedents to mass communication Technological precedents to mass communication The development of wireless communication The vacuum tube Triode/Audion The development of radio The creation of RCA 1912 and 1927 Radio Acts 1934 Communication Act The development of television Chapter 3: Community Antenna Television Re-delivery Service/Must Carry Rule Domestic Satellites/TVRO
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