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HW 1 - programming of which they disapprove Parents...

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Recruiting and Selecting Participants for Qualitative Research Research Topic What type of participants would you seek? How/where would you seek them? Investigation commissioned by the Humane Society for developing persuasive messages to spay and neuter dogs and cats People who are members of the society, pet owners, pet stores, families. Hold information sessions at pet stores, send brochures to families with pets (get info through pet stores), commercials on TV Proprietary research for the local committee of the Republican Party who want to develop a campaign to increase voter turnout a local elections People ages 18 and up, people registered in the Republican Party, Promote on college campuses, send postcards to homes of registered voters, visit local hot spots. Scholarly investigation to discover why parents allow their children to watch
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Unformatted text preview: programming of which they disapprove Parents, children, families, single parents. Hold interviews with families and parents, do surveys, determine a list of “disproved shows” Scholarly investigation for developing more effective methods of doctor-patient interaction Doctors, patients, nurses, hospitals. Conduct interviews with people who have been hospitalized for extended periods, doctors and nurses. Put out surveys at hospitals about patient satisfaction, Your topic: Determining what topics cause disagreement and fighting in romantic relationships and what causes fights. Couples, make and female, straight and gay relationships, married couples. Conduct interviews with couples separately to get both sides, do surveys with people involved in serious relationships, observe couples in romantic relationships during fights....
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