Rvw Activity - Review for Test#2 Chapter 14 Designing...

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Review for Test #2 Chapter 14: Designing Qualitative Research 1. List four key characteristics of qualitative research that distinguish it from quantitative research: 1. subjective 2. specific 3. observer participation/observation 4. meaning driven 2. Name two ways to evaluate the credibility of qualitative research: 1. researcher accountability 2. lots of description 3. In terms of the four ethnographic roles—complete participant, participant-observer, observer-participant, and complete observer, which ones: a) Have ethical problems? a. Complete participant and observer b) Encourage the people being observed to act most naturally? a. Complete observer and participant c) Allow the researcher to do member checks? a. Participant-observer and observer-participant d) Which one best reflects Dwight Conquergood’s role in his study of Chicago gangs (as portrayed in The Heart Broken in Half )? a. Observer-participant. Observing was his primary role. 4. Match the sampling types to their definitions: a) b) Purposive sampling c) Network sampling d) Snowball sampling e) Maximum variation i. Recruiting as many different types of people as possible ii. Recruiting people you know
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iii. Getting research participants to help recruit people they know iv. Recruiting only specific types of people 5. What is the difference between field notes and analytical notes? Which one constitutes
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Rvw Activity - Review for Test#2 Chapter 14 Designing...

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