Test 1 Study - variables Define validity and reliability...

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COM 3073 Learning Objectives for Test #1 Chapter 1 o Purpose of scholarly (communication) research o Identify different types of research; distinguish between primary & secondary and Identify/understand the characteristics of science o Empirical o Falsifiable o Heuristic Identify the three criteria for good research topics Chapter 2 Describe the 4 ways in which theory helps us to make sense of research Differentiate between deductive and inductive research Chapter 3 Identify the main characteristics of quantitative research Identify typical goals and methods of quantitative research Identify the “null” hypothesis Identify appropriate uses of directional hypotheses, nondirectional hypotheses, and research questions in quantitative research Differentiate between independent, dependent, intervening, and confounding
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Unformatted text preview: variables Define validity and reliability Chapter 4 Identify the main characteristics of qualitative research (& differences with quantitative) Identify typical qualitative research methods Identify tools to achieve credibility Identify situations where qualitative research would be appropriate, as well as advantages & disadvantages Chapter 5 Identify the six types of ethical responsibilities of researchers and their components Identify the conditions under which deception in research is ethical Define confederate, informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, and plagiarism Chapter 17 Identify the 4 main sections of a research report, and the key pieces of information that belong in each Chapter 18 Identify the main ways in which qualitative reports differ from quantitative reports Differentiate between the realist, confessional, and impressionist styles...
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  • typical qualitative research, inductive research Chapter, research topics Chapter, research  Differentiate

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Test 1 Study - variables Define validity and reliability...

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