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Assignment HIS 135 week 3 PowerPoint

Assignment HIS 135 week 3 PowerPoint - The United States...

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Unformatted text preview: The United States The United States involvement in Southeast Asian Politics France and protecting Vietnam France and protecting Vietnam • Giving financial aid to France. • Preventing the Domino effect. • Fighting to keep Vietnam free. Getting Involved in Vietnam. Getting Involved in Vietnam. • Suggested an attack by air. • Vietnam was divided. • Trained South Vietnam military. How President Eisenhower felt. How President Eisenhower felt. • Wanted to keep the economy balanced. • Did not want to create a hostile situation. • Was willing to protect Taiwan. John Dulles, The Secretary of State John Dulles, The Secretary of State • Did not want Communism to win at anytime. • Wanted to free countries that were under Communist control. • Was not afraid of using atomic weapons or creating a hostile environment. The Conclusion The Conclusion • How the United States got into Southeast Asian politics • Why we intervened • The end results References References Davidson, J.W., Gienapp, W.E., Heyrman, C.L., Lytle, M.H., and Stoff, M.B. (2005). Nations of Nations: A Concise Narrative of the American Republic, Fourth Edition. Published by the McGraw­Hill Company. ...
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