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Lab%202%20ME%20104%202008%20prelab - ME 104 Pre-lab 2 1...

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ME 104 Pre-lab 2 1. yourname_lab2_AcquireAI.vi Write a VI to acquire and display the voltage output from the Hall-Effects sensor circuit (use DAQ exercise from Lab 1 as a template) with the following specifications: a. Acquire analog voltage from Analog Input Channel 0, using Referenced Single- Ended (RSE) terminal configuration. b. Acquire analog voltage until stopped by the user and at a sampling rate specified by the user. c. Specify the input voltage range (maximum and minimum voltages) corresponding to output voltages of the Hall Effects sensor. d. Display the acquired voltage on a chart as well as on a digital indicator. e. Track errors and indicate if an error occurs. f. Save VI as yourname_lab2_AcquireAI.vi Extra g. Allow users to choose the analog input channel. 2. yourname_lab2_AcquireAI_CountLP.vi Modify (add to) yourname_lab2_AcquireAI.vi to also count and display the number of low pulses that have been produced by your Hall-Effects sensor circuit.
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