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ME 104 Pre-lab 2 Build the following VIs prior to this lab: 1. Write a VI to acquire and display a voltage signal (hint: refer to DAQ exercise from Lab 1). Your VI should contain the following functions and features: a. Acquire analog voltage from Analog Input Channel 0, using Referenced Single-Ended (RSE) terminal configuration. b. Acquire analog voltage until stopped by the user c. Acquire analog voltage at a sampling frequency specified by the user. Set the sampling rate to 20 Hz. (NOTE: asks the user to specify a Delay Time.
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Unformatted text preview: Modify the VI such that the user specifies a sampling frequency instead.) d. Display the acquired voltage on a chart as well as on a digital indicator. e. Track errors and indicate if an error occurs. Also, modify your VI as specified below a. Set the input voltage range (maximum and minimum voltages) to +/- 10 V. b. Change the Waveform Chart label to “Analog Input Chart”. c. Change the digital indicator label to “Analog Input Value,” set to 3 Digits of Precision. d. Save VI as (rev. 2006)...
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