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Numerical Analysis in Engineering ME 140A, Fall 2008 Homework #3 Due: Thursday Nov 13, 8 am. (Drop HW’s in the assigned box outside CAD lab) 1. Consider the first order linear equation ( λ is a non-zero constant) λ dy dt = 1 - y, y (0) = 0 . (1) a) Solve equation (1) analytically by finding an integrating factor. b) Using the analytical solution, find an expression for the time t * it takes for y to reach 0.99. 2. Consider the equation
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Unformatted text preview: dc dt =-kc 3 , c (0) = 2 . (2) a) Solve equation (2) analytically by the method of “separation of variables”. b) Classify the equation according to linear/nonlinear, homogeneous/nonhomogeneous, constant coefficient/variable coefficient. c) Find the analytical solution for k = 1. Does c ever go to zero? At what value of t has c decayed to 0.001? 1...
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