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ME 104 Sensors and Actuators Laboratory 6b Closed Loop Analog Control Of DC Motor Velocity Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California, Santa Barbara (Rev. 2007)
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Introduction In this laboratory, you will continue investigating closed-loop feedback control of a DC motor. Your ultimate goal is to control the DC motor such that the velocity (voltage) output V OUT is equal to a (desired) reference (voltage) input r. In Lab 6a, you built analog proportional (P) and integral (I) control circuits. Now, you will combine these circuits into a proportional-integral (P-I) control circuit. Background Reading Please read the following material prior to this lab: 1. Histand and Alciatore, Introduction to Mechatronics , Sections 5.1-5.8 and Sections 5.10-5.11. 2. DC Motor Control Module User Manual , Pages 3-7 and 14-16 , LJ Technical Systems Inc. Experiment 1b: Proportional-Integral (PI) Control of DC Motor Velocity In this experiment, you will use a LabVIEW VI and a proportional-integral (PI) feedback control circuit to control a DC motor. Mathematically, the PI controller can be described in the time domain as + = + = t I P I P PI d e K t e K t u t u t u 0 ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ηη where K P and K I are constant gains. 1. Use op-amps 1 and 2 on the LMC6484 op-amp on the RIGHT on the breadboard to build the circuit shown in Figure 1. Provide the inputs ( u P and u I ) to this circuit from
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Lab%206b%20ME104%202008 - ME 104 Sensors and Actuators...

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