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Past_Participles_as_Adjectives - Past Participles as Past...

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Unformatted text preview: Past Participles as Past Participles as Adjectives Español 102 Profesora Tisa Pgs 257­260 Participio Pasivo Participio Pasivo Used to turn a verb into an adjective Use them following a noun to describe it Use them following the verb estar (in any – To finish=finished – To open=opened – To die=dead – Ventana abierta tense) – La ventana estaba abierta A VER A VER Participles, like adjectives must match in gender and quantity – Ventana abierta – Ventanas abiertas – Libro cerrado – Libros cerrados How to form How to form Ar Verbs ER/IR Verbs – Chop off AR – Figure out gender and quantity – Add ado, ados, ada, or adas – Chop off ER/IR – Figure out gender and quanity – Add ido, idos, ida, idas Unos irregulares Unos irregulares Abrir­abierto Cubrir­cubierto Decir­dicho Escribir­escrito Hacer­hecho Morirse­muerto Poner­puesto Romper­roto Ver­visto A PRACTICAR A PRACTICAR En el texto, pg 258 actividad 40 ...
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