Hinduism - Hinduism 1 Hinduism Gregory Mann Axia College of...

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Hinduism 1 Hinduism Gregory Mann Axia College of University of Phoenix HUM 130
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Hinduism 2 There are many misconceptions surrounding the religion of Hinduism in most countries and amongst the various populations of the world. Difficulties have also existed in the studying of Hinduism for many persons in the Western Hemisphere. These difficulties originate from the various understandings and misunderstandings of Hinduism and its origin, history and belief system. The lack of a uniting belief system contributes to the misinterpretations of other religious groups, in regards to Hinduism. Christianity focuses on the glorification of God and praising the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ as a “reward” of everlasting life in Heaven. Hinduism is considered to be more of a family of religions and a belief system not solely based on one set of doctrines. There are many cultural and societal influences practiced and philosophized in the Hindu religion. The essential Hindu concept for most is the defining of the individual and their responsibilities. This paper will discuss the above mentioned topics and also explain the desire of followers of Hinduism and their pursuit for liberation from earthly existence. The composite of the Hindu religion most widely practiced and believed, is focused on individual accomplishments. Similar to Christianity and the aspects of believing and following a distinct threefold “trinity”; the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, Hinduism practices a belief system based on a “trinity”, as well. The Hindu trinity is comprised of the Vishnu, the Shiva and the Brahma. Each of these three is different, but together they comprise the Supreme God or Supreme Being, also known as the Brahman. The three
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Hinduism - Hinduism 1 Hinduism Gregory Mann Axia College of...

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