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Humaniites week 1 checkpoint

Humaniites week 1 checkpoint - This event brought the...

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HUM130 Organized religion has had some very important events throughout the history of mankind. From early Roman Catholicism and the Roman Empire, to the current events of the pastor in Florida; who organized the intentional burning of the Quran. Religion has a definite impact on the societies of the countries in the world. Many different cultures practice many different and various religious beliefs. The events that took place during the Roman Empire were the footprints of modern day Catholicism. Rome was very powerful in that era and the Roman Catholic beliefs were practiced by the majority of citizens. Upon the fall of the Roman Empire began the birth and growth of Christianity. I have even seen and read stories of how Julius Caesar called for and held a meeting with Jesus Christ himself. The most recent event that shook up our society was the Jehovah Witness or Orthodox Church leader who organized the burning of the Holy Book of Islam, The Quran.
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Unformatted text preview: This event brought the attention of many world leaders and religious heads of church. The event threatened the fragile relations between our country and other nations of Islam and with the approaching date, the leaders decided against the actual burning. The event could have had devastating results and reactions from countries abroad and political leaders everywhere. I saw reports of flag burnings and religious protests being staged in foreign nations in protest of the entire idea. Organized religion is still very strong and supported in many countries and communities. The religions that practice views and beliefs of Love and Peace are the ones that we all hear about, but with the negatives, also attract the stereotypes. The scandals involving Catholic Priests was a large public relations disaster for the Catholic Church and the effects are still being felt....
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