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Jesus and Mohammed REALONE

Jesus and Mohammed REALONE - Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and...

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Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and Mohammed Gregory Mann Axia College of University of Phoenix HUM 130
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Jesus and Mohammed 2 Both Christianity and Islam are the defiant cousins of Judah and two of the most dominant figures in these religions respectively, are Jesus Christ and the prophet Mohammed. The history of Christianity and Islam are directly related to that of Judaism and both of these religious are highly revered by many followers and historians. T hese two religions exist as separate systems of belief and are the result of conflict but both began within origins of the fertile lands of Mesopotamia. With the presence of religion attributed to the Roman Empire, early division of the Roman Empire opened Western Europe and the rest of the world to religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christianity has evolved to dominance in Western culture, while Islam and Judaism are centered in and widely known to highly influence Mid-Eastern culture. Jesus and Mohammed are central figures of Christianity and Islam respectively and Christianity and Islam are two religions with many followers. The life and death of both Jesus and Mohammed had significant impact on their religions and each religion is still widely practiced today. Christianity and Islam have now been separated into varying denominations but both Islamic and Christian religions are significant parts of modern history and the world today. Practices have evolved but praying, recognizing and celebrating holy holidays and performing rituals in the worshipping of God were foundations attributed to these two historic figures. Jesus Christ of Nazareth Christianity was established initially as a Jewish sect of Judaism and centered in Jerusalem. The story of Jesus’ journey on earth began as Jesus of Nazareth was born around 6 BC in the small town of Bethlehem of Judea, in close proximity to Jerusalem. Jesus was a descendant of the heritage of
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Jesus and Mohammed REALONE - Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and...

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