Court Visitation Assignment

Court Visitation Assignment - Case 2 The defendant in the...

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Chapman 1 Court Visitation Assignment Michael Blankenship CJ 101-003 Introduction to Criminal Justice Spring, 2010 On March 23, 2010, I visited the Ada County Courthouse between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM. I spent the entire time in Room 506. The Honorable Ronald J. Wilper was the presiding judge. There were 2 felony cases processed during today’s proceedings. Both of the cases I saw today were pretrial’s and both defendants plead guilty. Both of the defendants had private lawyers one of them was brought in by cops. Case 1- The first case took longer than second one. The defendant was charged with allegedly possessing and using a controlled substance (methamphetamine). She took the plea bargain, if her unborn child tests positive for the use of meth she will be sentenced to longer terms of probation than if the child comes out negative. I came late to her trial but I was there for the majority of the hearing. I would have been there longer but all of the cases started at 1:30 when I was in class.
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Unformatted text preview: Case 2- The defendant in the second case was charged with allegedly raping a young woman only known as S.S. by the judge. The defendant accepted a guilty plea to rape, the rest his charges and everything else was in the form of a generic court hearing. The story behind him was that the young woman was drunk and passed out in a bed in his friend’s house. He went home, came back and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with the unconscious female. She woke up, screamed, and the owners of the house woke up Chapman 2 and came to the room. They all later confronted the defendant and called the police. He is looking at a minimal of three years fixed in prison. I have had several trips to the court house, for misdemeanor offenses, but I have never seen a felony case in court. What I think that I have learned from this assignment is that I need to be more aware of the consequences of my actions, so that I do not end up in serious trouble....
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Court Visitation Assignment - Case 2 The defendant in the...

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