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Soc - experiment because she actually listen to what I was...

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Chapman Michael Chapman Sociology 101 9/15/10 Social Experiment Earlier today I ran into a girl that I knew from high school. Her name is Ana, I see her sometimes on campus but I mostly just say “hey” and keep walking. I feel like she took my “vomit” pretty well. I just told her about my crazy summer and pretty much had a normal conversation. We talked about my fraternity a little but after a few minutes our conversation drifted towards our workout routines and eating healthy. We exchanged numbers after about thirty minutes, I did not feel like telling her that this was only supposed to be an
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Unformatted text preview: experiment because she actually listen to what I was saying and we renewed an old friendship. In the beginning I was a little hesitant to do this experiment at all because I did not want to look stupid in front of someone who I might have to see again. After I decided to talk to my subject it actually turned out good. I can only imagine how awkward it would have been if she would have just cold shouldered me. I think that this is a good experiment for everyone to do, it helps people get out of their shells and see the world a little differently....
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