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Chapman M Mass communication refers to sharing information with large groups of people at a time, like T.V. and the radio. Mediated Communication refers to sharing information with the help of technology. Mass communication is now days mixed with mediated communication to form mediated mass communication which allows information to be spread using technology to a large number of people all at one time. I think that newspapers and magazines will one day be obsolete due to the rise in technology and the rapidly progressing internet. I think the best example for this is the elections. I think that depending of the viewers of each news station
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Unformatted text preview: the news station will be bias in favor of the popular demographic. For instance if the viewers are mostly Republican then the news station is more likely to say positive things about Republicans and spend less time of Democrats. They may even slander the names of democratic representatives. If I wanted to get into news I would make sure to look at all the channels and compare the same stories so I may get a more full picture. I would also probably do a little research of my own on the topics so that I could be more informed....
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