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1. Personal Clothing – Snug fitting clothing. Long sleeved shirts and brim-type hat for sun protection. Ultra-violet protective safety glasses. 2. All around check/proper tire check – Check for proper inflation, cuts and bulges on the tires. 3. Start up/Shut Down/Shut down procedure – aloe the engine to cool down for 3-5 minutes at idle speed then shut down. 4. 3 pt hitch/disconnect procedure – 1. top link, 2. Adjustable lower link, 3. Non-adjustable lower link. 5. Hydraulics/detented valve – open center systems often have detents that hold full engagement. At full movement, the pressure will return the valve to the neutral position. 6. Most dangerous part of Hydraulic system/hoses under pressure – Pressure fluid in the hoses. Oil leaking under high pressure has the potential to penetrate human skin. 7. Cal OSHA/ROPS Bar – All tractors built after October 25, 1976 must have a ROPS bar. 8. What must tractor have if it has a PTO – A PTO safety shield must be in place at all times?
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