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BRAE 141 Practice Test 1. CASE Tractor with 15.5 X 38 Tires. Water Height is 38”. Air Pressure is 15 PSI. 30 gal of water in each tire. (8.34#/gal H2O). Find: A. Pressure inside tire @ Soil: B. Soil Support Pressure: C. Weight added to each rear tire: . 2. CAT Crawler Tractor. 12,000 lbs. 15” wide tracks, 80” long, 2 each. Crawler will pull 90% of its weight. Find: A. Area of Track support: B. Soil Support Pressure: C. Maximum expected pull: D. Pull with one steering clutch released:
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Unformatted text preview: 3. John Deere 4020. N.T.H.P is 100 H.P. 7 MPH in 5 th gear tilled field with 15% slip. Find: A. Axle H.P.: B. D.B.H.P in tilled field: C. Actual speed in 5 th gear: 4. I.H.C 200 has N.T.H.P of 40 H.P. Reserve 20% of power. Find: A. D.B.H.P in soft soil: 5. I.H.C 200 in 2 nd gear runs 4.5 MPH. Tilled soil slippage is 20%. Find: A. Actual forward speed: 6. Using D.B.H.P from #4 and Speed from #5. Find: A. D.B. Pull:...
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