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MO317 Study Guide - MO317 Study Guide 1 What is a team...

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MO317 Study Guide 1. What is a team? Teamwork alone does not make a team. Share a common purpose and goal-going beyond central goodness of teams. A team is a small number of people with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. 2. What 4 characteristics define teams? 1) having a clear team task, one that requires multiple people to work together interdependently to achieve a collective outcome 2) clear boundaries distinguishing those who belong to the team from others 3) the authority of those on the team to manage their own work processes 4) some stability that allows team members to work together over time 3. What does it mean to go on the balcony? Observing what is going on with the team; what can I do to change it? Help you do something different; observing what is going on in real time; about figuring out how to make explicit choices; process tool used in groups; a discipline; what do you see happening right now? 4. Hackman and Wagman contend that is more effective to focus on team tasks vs, interpersonal relationships. Under what conditions does their research indicate this is more likely to be true? Task conflict, which is disagreement about the tasks being performed, is better than relationship conflict, which refers to interpersonal incompatibilities that are accompanied by tension, annoyance, and frustration. Moderate levels of task conflict boost performance by combating the tendency to avoid conflict 5. Describe the steps used in a rational decision making process. When should such a process be used and what benefits can be obtained? 1. Define the problem 2. Identify the criteria 3. weight the criteria 4. generate solution alternatives 5. rate each alternative on each criterion 6. determine the optimal solution process should be used to avoid being solution minded and accepting the first simple solution. The best answer will be obtained through effective decision making processes 7. What is a team contract? Clarifies mutual expectations regarding how team will operate; team purpose, anticipated team outcomes, team responsibilities, team norms/operating guidelines; membership with roles and responsibilities; expectations 8. What is a team charter? Sets direction what the team is expected to accomplish
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Document that defines why the team exists and its overall goals. 9. What is an AAR and what is needed to make the process successful? The AAR process is based on the premise that no project is complete until its lessons have been systematically learned and shared. By immediately processing information after a just- completed action or procedure, a team can determine ways to sustain successful practices and improve future performance. AAR provides a systematic way to asses the team’s work. 10. What is the purpose of Brainstorming and what guidelines should be followed to do it
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MO317 Study Guide - MO317 Study Guide 1 What is a team...

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