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Psych 240 Exam 2 Review Sheet Lecture 9: Working Memory. How thinking involves working memory: more active memory system Raven's Progressive Matrices : standard IQ test: figure out what kind of figure goes in there; top row has vertical bars, middle has horizontal, bottom has diagonal. Good guess that bottom has diagonal. All have solid striped, open. Probably solid because that is what is missing from the row. Diamond, square, triangle, which is missing? In order to solve, have to be able to store away information memory temporarily, in working memory; store away separate features of the figure to determine which it is, store away info temporarily while you do other things then be able to go back and retrieve it; working memory plays a central role is important because raven’s task correlates with performance on a whole range of other things; working memory is central to thinking in general Mental arithmetic : solve 836+429; remember 5, store away, carry the 1, 3+2+1 is 6, store that, 1265. Totally different task, requires ability to store information away temporarily then retrieve it Individual differences: measure of working memory span : reading span task: read a series of sentences and remember the last word of each sentence—doing other stuff, but also storing stuff away and must retrieve it later on. Working emmory span is the number of final words you can remember. If you can remember for 2 sentences, WM span would be 2, 3 sentences, WM span is 3, etc, Raven's, aging, and working memory : evidence for WM as central role for Raven’s task and IQ; as you get older, Raven’s score goes down. Also a fact that Raven’s score goes up with better Working memory capacity. Working memory scores are worse for older people. Is it because working memory is going down that IQ is getting worse? Correlational studies cant infer causality; ex) ice cream intake and gun crime has positive correlation doesn’t mean that ice cream eating causes gun crime; correlation between age and raven’s and between working memory and ravens. Can we distinguish these? Is the reason Ravens getting worse as you get older because WM is getting worse? Try to equate WM across age. Once you control for WM score, than ravens score is equivalent; as you get older WM goes down and results in lower Ravens score Interference: random number generation and reasoning: syllogism: All A’s are B’s all B’s are C’s, All A’s are C’s; random number generation is a way to occupy WM. Only way to give random is to keep track of what you said—use WM to remember what you already said. If asked to this while solving for reasoning problems, you do worse Reading comprehension : need WM to do language comprehension; ex: sewer near out home who makes terrific suits; need to be able to recover what you had before if ambiguous; WM is central to thought Evidence for WM/LTM distinction : memory is not unitary- diff memory systems for handling different types of info Dissociations: Anterograde amnesia (LTM disorder):
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Exam2lecturereview - Psych 240 Exam 2 Review Sheet Lecture...

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