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greener on the pother side project - Lights Out Make an...

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Unformatted text preview: Lights Out! Make an extra effort to turn out the lights. Purchase and use energy star rated light bulbs in all fixtures to cut down on the amount of energy used. Energy star bulbs typically use two thirds less energy! Install timers and or motion sensors that automatically shut off lights after hours or when they are not needed. Taiga Company. (2010). Retrieved 6 10, 2010, from 3BLMedia: Shut down! Every night at the end of the day shut computers to conserve additional energy. When upgrading or purchasing new computer hardware make every effort to purchase energy-saving computers, monitors, and printers. Recycle! Print on both sides of paper, use old computers as scrap paper. Avoid color printing and print in draft mode whenever possible. Use recycled paper, it may be slightly more expensive. Recylce office paper, if security is a concern shred it first. The green employee benefits being offered generally fall into four categories: work related, transportation, residential and personal/well-being and here are a few other examples: o NRG Systems offers employees a stipend of $300 per year toward purchasing compact fluorescent light bulbs, furnace cleaning and improved energy-efficient windows. They give employees $1,000 per year toward a solar hot-water system, solar PV panels, a wind turbine or a wood-pellet furnace and an additional $1,000 per year toward the purchase of a Toyota Prius and for as long as they own the vehicle. NRG estimates that 76% of their employees took advantage of these energy efficiency benefits in 2006. o Xcel Energy deploys the mantra, our employees are also our customers and the utility has a solar rewards program aimed to rebate per KW to customers and employees alike. As one of the nation’s largest wind energy providers they offer employees a wind source program to employees in three states, Minnesota, Colorado and New Mexico. o EnerNOC’s GREEN, GREEN program, motivates their employees to become energy conscious consumers and offers an innovative three-tiered incentive program which includes cash bonuses for influencing others to become energy efficient. They also offer a $100/month subsidy for employees who purchase hybrid cars. o ASES provides employees with an eco-pass for the entire Denver metro area. Work at home or telecommuting programs Cox business- Money saved goes towards employees bonus each year- Trade work hours for volunteer efforts- Motion sensors on lights and AC for meeting rooms- Electronic applications- Service vehicles are energy efficient and low emissions - Gift cards for employee ideas for recycling, energy saving [11:14:06 AM] *** Channell Aigbedo added Brittany Clemmons, Janelle *** [12:07:14 PM] Ana Antonetti: well, we have to do a paper, ppt and a presentation... how were u [12:07:14 PM] Ana Antonetti: well, we have to do a paper, ppt and a presentation....
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greener on the pother side project - Lights Out Make an...

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