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Democratization - 5 Pro-development a Sometimes yes other...

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Military Rule in LDCs—Why? 1. Social Structure: High inequality, defend interest of elite, minority of population 2. Foreign Aid: build up LDC militaries; Cold War; post 9/11; drug war; US economic interests; coup d’états as unintended consequence of military build-up 3. More powerful than any civilian group in LDCs Impact of Strong Military 1. Social & Economic Costs: “Guns versus butter” a. Income of half the world’s people is equivalent to world military spending 2. When military govern: interests of the Majority often sacrificed 3. “Law & Order”—but whose order? 4. Corrupt? Not necessarily any more than civilian governments
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Pro-development a. Sometimes yes, other times no; development for whom? Social versus economic development Impact of 3 rd Wave Democracy 1. Popular? If not, why? a. Popular opinion: decline in percent in Latin America satisfied with democracy since 2000 2. Social, Economic, & Political Impact? a. Income inequality b. Economic development c. Political stability. Elections and unrest d. Nobel Laureate Sen: fewer famines e. Crime 3. Here to stay? a. Waves of democracy b. Impeachments vs. coups c. 3 rd wave of democracy and the Right to be Different [e.g. ethnic, racial & gender rights—QUOTAS]...
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