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Drug - 3 Creates more crime 4 Police are part of the...

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Drug “Trivia”: Big Business & Vested Economic Interest High profits: over $400 billion yearly Economic Impact: Profits are equivalent to: o World trade in textiles o GNP OF ALL OF Africa o Greater than GNP of 3/4ths of the world economies Political impact: narco-states, narco-terrorism, “failed states” Trade in drugs benefits from neoliberalism: “free trade,” porous borders Causes of the Drug Problem: Supply & Demand LDCs: Supply side producer, processor [distributor economic interests] a. Different regions, different drugs—cocaine: Latin America; heroine: Asia b. Traditional usages of drugs DCs: Demand side a. Drug consumer demand b. Gun supplies c. Economic interests of distributors Whose problem is it?: suppliers or consumers LDCs or DCs? Consequences of the Drug Economy in LDCs Addiction is the only part of the problem: 1. Corruption 2. Violence [e.g. in Mexico about 20 killings daily]
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Creates more crime 4. Police are part of the problem, not part of the problem 5. LDC militarization including with US aid—fighting drug war “at the source” 6. Weakening of democracy & states 7. Spread of Crisis among LDCs 8. Rise in anti-American with US interventionism [e.g. Bolivia; Afghanistan???] What can be done? 1. Supply side: a. Eradication & interdiction b. Crop substitution c. Repression d. “1, 2, “many Colombias’—now Mexico, Guatemala 2. Demand side: a. Prevention (campaigns) b. Enforcement c. Rehabilitation of drug-addicts d. Legalize? e. Guns—regulate better & restrict access Current View from Washington Secretary of State Clinton: “decades of US antinarcotics policies had been a failure & contributed to the explosion of drug violence...
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Drug - 3 Creates more crime 4 Police are part of the...

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