End of Poverty + Bush

End of Poverty + Bush - Bush has systematically eliminated...

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Bush has systematically eliminated or weakened rules designed to enforce the separation of church and state. Kenya: doubled the percentage of US foreign-aid dollars going to faith-based groups such as Food for the Hungry, according to a Globe survey of government data. In Lakartinya, a simple hut built with funds from the US government is the first in the area to have a tin roof. It serves as a station for weighing babies, distributing food, teaching health classes. Classes begin and end with prayers, and in some cases are followed by Christian services. For decades, US policy has sought to avoid intermingling government programs and religious proselytizing. The aim is both to abide by the Constitution's prohibition against a state religion and to ensure that aid recipients don't forgo assistance because they don't share the religion of the provider. Bush's orders also reversed longstanding rules forbidding the use of government funds to pay for employees who are required to take an oath to one religion. In addition, the president's orders allowed faith-based groups to keep religious symbols in places where they distribute taxpayer-funded aid Faith-based groups have long delivered humanitarian assistance in distant and dangerous places, marshaling an impressive array of volunteers. The prime beneficiaries have been large groups including Catholic Relief Services and evangelical organizations such as World Vision Then came her US-funded classes, which impressed her by drastically lowering the infant mortality rate in the village. US foreign-aid programs, however, began after World War II for the purely secular aim of winning friends for the United States. Now, aid packages and equipment purchased with government funds are stamped with the words ``From the American People" so beneficiaries can see the fruits of US generosity. ``The point of foreign assistance is national security," said Harriet Babbitt To counter the alleged discrimination against churches, Bush used federal funds to hire outreach workers to hold training sessions and attend religious conferences in hopes of getting groups to apply for funds. ``The problem is, faith-based programs only conform to one set of rules, and it's bigger than government rules," Bush said. There were pockets of extreme hostility to faith-based organizations.
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Sachs Technology has been the main force behind the long-term increases in income in the rich world, not exploitation of the poor Economic development is not a zero-sum game in which the winnings of some are inevitably mirrored by the losses of others. This game is one that everybody can win. Eight major categories of problems can cause an economy to stagnate or decline: 1. Poverty Trap: When poverty is very extreme, the poor do not have the ability—by themselves—to get out of the mess 2. Physical Geography: many of the world’s poorest countries are severely hindered by high transport costs because they are landlocked; situated in high mountain ranges; or lack navigable
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End of Poverty + Bush - Bush has systematically eliminated...

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