Immigration - a Remittances—important for LDC...

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Immigration U.S. –Mexican Wall 1. 2,000 mile US border with Mexico 2. About 600 mile fence completed [since 2006] 3. Cost $2.7 billion Immigration “Trivia” 1. Two periods of mass immigration to the U.S. a. 13% of U.S. now foreign-born b. Major change in country of origin 2. Social Class: the % of foreign-born with graduate degrees is higher than for the US-born 3. Brain Drain a. ¼ to ½ of college educated citizens of poor countries live abroad b. Why So Many LDC Immigrants? Causes 1. Push Factors—economic, political, and social a. b. Political: refugees [only a minority] c. Urbanization as a failed solution to rural poverty d. “Contagion” 2. a. Growing LDC/DC income gap with neoliberalism b. Transitional ties—personal networks What’s new with the new immigrants?
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1. From LDCs 2. Race [including Asians]—US ‘racist policy’ ended 3. More individual, less family migration 4. Transnational ties “immigrants live Here and There”
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Unformatted text preview: a. Remittances—important for LDC Families & governments b. Cultural influences—DC materialistic and other values brought to LDCs, LDC values brought to DCs c. Home town associations—festivities, community projects d. Home country political influence—immigrants influence LDC politics, LDC politicians campaign & raises in DCs e. Home country/communities honor immigrants DC Consequences of Immigration 1. Assimilation/melting pot? 2. Multiculturalism [tossed salad?] 3. Transnational linkages 4. Labor market impact: compete with native born for jobs? 5. “Nativism” 6. “Illegals”: impact of their status on them; why so many? 7. Impact of global crisis—lower earnings, return migration, less immigration [vs. impact of the wall] What to do? Immigration reform? 1. Legalize illegal immigrants? Amnesty? 2. Criminalize illegal immigrants? 3. Complete the wall? 4. Guest worker program? 5....
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Immigration - a Remittances—important for LDC...

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