interviews - Economy in Diversity America is known for its...

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Economy in Diversity America is known for its opportunities for any occupations. That is why people immigrate or come from other countries to America to work. On November 17 th , I interviewed two different people from different nations, who currently work in the United States. One is a lady Maggie (Qiu) Huang working in Beijing Café next to Warren Towers, and the other is a male janitor Erick Marcial working at Warren Towers. I usually go to take out food from Beijing Café, and see Mr. Marcial pulling garbage bags out or cleaning glasses in the common room on our floor at around 2 in the morning. These two people were very accessible to interview them, as they pleasantly gave me a favor. First, Mrs. Maggie Huang was from Guangling, China about 30 years ago, with her family. The reason she came here was that the U.S. had opportunities for any occupations. Her husband and she opened the Chinese restaurant next to Warren Towers, and have been keeping it open since then. She told me that they could maintain it because the students have kept coming as the restaurant is right next to a dormitory. Most of her relatives are still back in China, but her husband’s and her parents, her sisters, and their children immigrated to America. Since China has been developed in a truly rapid pace, she wants to go back to Beijing, but just like a visit. She said that she now feels more comfortable here in Boston. She visited China only once about 10 years ago for the first and the last time after she came here. She only keeps touch with China via Internet news.
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And the customs she observes are that her family take off their shoes when they are home, and of course, they keep the recipe for food, except that they started to use tomatoes to
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interviews - Economy in Diversity America is known for its...

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